[Bug localedata/22550] es_ES locale (and other es_* locales): collation should treat ñ as a primary different character, sync the collation for Spanish with CLDR

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Tue Dec 5 15:47:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #5 from Carlos O'Donell <carlos at redhat dot com> ---
(In reply to Carlos O'Donell from comment #4)
> (In reply to Carlos O'Donell from comment #3)
> > We definitely need to have ch, ll, and ñ as a distinct primary characters.
> I have a slight worry that in those Spanish dialects that have deviated more
> heavily from Castellano that the ch and ll digraphs will cause confusion
> among users of the locale.
> This needs to be seen though, and we should keep an eye out for such
> regional differences.
> Locale to locale we may need to adjust from "tranditional" to "standard" to
> match geographic / cultural tradition.

I take it back.

I think we should aim for maximum compatibility.

(a)  Make ñ, a proper primary character everywhere. This is the correct thing
to do for all spanish locales.

(b) Only make ch and ll proper characters in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, US, and
Venezuela and collate them as-per "traditional". These countries are known to
support the traditional characters and their sortings and not follow RAE's
ruling in 2010 to drop ch/ll.

(c) Everything else remains as-is following "standard" with the new ñ from (a),
an sorting accordingly. This maximizes compatibility for the other locales.

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