[Bug localedata/17750] wrong collation order of diacritics in most locales

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Wed Nov 29 19:27:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #18 from Egmont Koblinger <egmont at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to keld@keldix.com from comment #16)

> Also other languages, where french words and names are the biggest source
> of multiple accented characters should have diacrit backward.
> This goes for Danish (my own language), Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch.

I can't speak any of these languages, but looking at some random Finnish text I
see tons of ä and ö letters, a significant amount of words containing 2 or more
of them. Hence I seriously doubt the correctness of your claim.

Even if looking only at the foreign words within these languages, I'd _guess_
that they take words from each other or maybe German more often than from
French. But even if let's assume French is the most common source of foreign
words, that's still not a strong enough reason to go for backwards diacrit
ordering. In order for backwards diacrit ordering to even be a possibility to
consider, I believe French accented words should outweigh all other local and
foreign accented words combined.

IMO let's keep this unreasonable idea of backwards diacrit ordering to those
language only that explicitly have it, let's not force this stupid concept on
more locales than necessaary.

By the way, don't these language have some "official" collation rules, or at
least some established common practice?

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