[Bug localedata/22371] U+FFE2 and U+FFE4, iconv does not convert to HALFWIDTH(EUC-JISX0213)

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Tue Nov 7 08:39:00 GMT 2017


--- Comment #8 from Akira Nakajima <nakajima.akira at nttcom dot co.jp> ---
I found following sources.

JIS X 0208 -> Unicode

SJIS    JIS     JIS X 0208 -> Unicode
0x8150  0x2131  0xFFE3  # FULLWIDTH MACRON
0x818F  0x216F  0xFFE5  # FULLWIDTH YEN SIGN

JIS X 0213 -> Unicode

I couldn't find English source, but found Japanese source at JIS HomePage.
 (can't download, only see at Web)

This page is Japanese.
To reach source, Please see attached PNG.

01.PNG : Click 「JIS検索」 at Right Upper.
02.PNG : Input 「X0213」 and Press Enter.
03:PNG : Click 「X0213_007 (PDFファイル:2881KB 別ウィンドウでリンク)」

See page 5 and 16

SJIS    JIS     JIS X 0213 -> Unicode(JIS X 0221)
0x8150  0x2131  U+203E  # OVERLINE
0x818F  0x216F  U+00A5  # YEN SIGN

I noticed Yesterday that this conversion of iconv is famous in many blogs and
Their view are that this is not bug, this is specification.
They who know much more detail than me say so.
Therefore, this will be specification of iconv.

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