[Bug localedata/18812] kab_DZ: new Kabyle Algeria locale

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--- Comment #17 from Belkacem Mohammed <belkacem77 at gmail dot com> ---
We updated ( me and some academicians from Bejaia Univesity, and independant
authors) some data in CLDR 32 that will be released next 1st November.

Note that the same data is currently used the kab locale of VK (social
network), lighthning (Calendar on thanderbird), Evernote, Wikimedia,
OpenStreetmap,.. and more other tools we localized into kabyle

Here are the common name used for months and days and their short forms:

These names are taught at School in Algeria (Kabylia). In fact, some authors
use declination (other local forms). The forms below, are the most used.

mon  "yennayer";/
abmon  "yen.";/
day  "Acer";/
abday  "ace.";/

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