[Bug localedata/17426] date format not set for en_IN

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--- Comment #5 from Arjun Shankar <arjun.is at lostca dot se> ---
So according to CLDR,

The full date format [1] for en_IN is: EEEE d MMMM y
The medium date format [2] is: dd-MMM-y
The short date format [3] is: dd/MM/yy

The explanation of the format strings [4] leads me to:

Standard: Wednesday 3 September 2014
Medium: 03-Sep-2014
Short: 03/09/2014

Now one could argue that the format currently shown for en_IN by `date +%x' is
correct as per the "full" date format. However, if I set my LC_TIME to
"en_GB.utf8", the date displayed for the same test case is *not* the long form
for en_GB according to CLDR. Also, from my personal experience, dates are
usually written 'DD/MM/(YY)YY' or 'DD-MM-(YY)YY' in India.

I must add that the format string guideline [4] is not clear upon the
difference between 'y' and 'yy', but it appears to me from the examples that
'y' represents the full year '2014' and 'yy' represents the year with the
century truncated '14'.

Hope this helps clear things up.




[4] http://cldr.unicode.org/translation/date-time

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