[Bug localedata/17293] UKR-IE should follow CYR-IE in uk_UA locale

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Wed Aug 20 15:41:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #4 from Andriy Rysin <arysin at gmail dot com> ---
As Yuri already pointed to the official spelling rules, the order of the
letters is fixed by their position in the alphabet. The note below says that
apostrophe is not a letter so is not taken to account when sorting.

Also there's another problem in current locale data that soft sign is ignored
in sorting when it's softening the consonant before it. It's not written
anywhere in official rules and all official documents and dictionaries treat
soft sign as a separate letter with fixed order.

There's also another web-page
that states that apostrophe and hyphen are not taken to account when sorting
which matches the order in modern documents and dictionaries.

There's also a webpage that describes sorting in Ukrainian for MS Sharepoint
which matches previous one
http://office.microsoft.com/uk-ua/sharepoint-server-help/HA010105468.aspx, that
seems to be the logic for Ukrainian used in MS products.

Unfortunately there seems to be no official standard document (at least not in
open access) to regulate all this technical details but explanations above
match officially printed documents and dictionaries.

I am going to add a patch to fix both UKR-IE and soft sign collation order

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