[Bug localedata/14094] Update locale data to Unicode 7.0.0

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Patch to update UTF-8 i18n file (CTYPE) to unicode 7.0

Patch does the following stuff:
* locales/i18n: Updated to Unicode 7.0.0

* scripts/gen-unicode-ctype.c: Disabled upper, lower, alpha and outdigit

* scripts/ctype-gen.sh: Shell script to generate LC_CTYPE for new Unicode

* scripts/gen-unicode-ctype-dcp.py: New script for generating locales/i18n
upper, lower and alpha ctype from DerivedCoreProperties.txt

* scripts/ctype-compatibility.py:  Script for testing testing backward
compatibility of LC_CTYPE locales/i18n.

Report for backward compatibility is available at 

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