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--- Comment #10 from Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw dot cz> 2012-07-15 18:13:01 UTC ---
I'm sorry, I didn't realize the presence of this bug earlier. We have made some
research regarding this on the mailing list some time ago and this is currently
the opinion of FSF on the matter:


I.e., locale data is not copyrightable, therefore it cannot be covered by any
licence and that is also the reason we do not require copyright assignment
paperwork from the locale authors.

If you (e.g. Debian project) disagree, I encourage you to contact
copyright-clerk@fsf.org or SFLC for further discussions. For us developers,
this situation really is the best outcome since no paperwork is needed, I'd
say. My opinion is that the outcome of this bug should be removal of licence
notices (and "copyright" notices) from all localedata files to clear up any
possible confusion - comments?

(Which is something I'm not likely to engage myself with as my localedata TODO
backlog is sufficiently long already, but maybe it is important enough for some
downstream projects like Debian to contribute such a patch, if they share this

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