Question about week format

Stéphane Raimbault
Sun Mar 2 17:15:00 GMT 2008

I search information about the correct usage of 'week' in glibc locales.
In French, the first day of the week is Monday, currently, the list of
days begins by Sunday (then Monday, etc), and the following
informations are defined:

week    7;19971201;4
first_weekday 1
first_workday 1

I found informations about that in the document n972-14652ft.pdf but I
found strange that the day list doesn't begin by Monday. Can you
explain me the right usage?

Why the day list doesn't begin by Monday as said in the Gentoo documentation?
The documentation is incorrect, isn't it ?

If so, 'first_weekday' doesn't seem useful because we can adjust first
day with 'week' information.

Thanks in advance,


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