Serbian locales

Danilo Segan
Mon Mar 21 22:01:00 GMT 2005

Hi Denis,

Today at 21:29, Denis Barbier wrote:

> Hi Danilo,
>   * Good news: Drepper committed your sr_CS locale yesterday

Excellent, finally! :)

>   * Bad news: it is committed in HEAD only, not 2.3 branch.
> Hopefully vendors will backport this change into their glibc packages.

Oh well, I hope they will.  I'll encourage any which I have some
contact with.

> I am not sure that pushing sr_CS@Latn now is a good idea, maybe we
> could have other changes incorporated in order to gain some credit.

Certainly, no problem if you ask me.  Eventually, though, we'd want to
have some kind of latin locale as well (or not, if we'd get //TRANSLIT
support for locales ;).

> Your other variant @ije is less controversial, but I do not understand
> which name you are eventually advocating for.

Yeah, I'm sorry that I've been so confusing (or perhaps confused? :).
I'd advocate "sr_CS@jekavian", that one shouldn't be controversial
(and we only have a small number of translations named sr@ije.po).

Again, thanks for the great news Denis!


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