GNU glibc and the CLDR locales questions

Ed Trager
Thu Feb 17 14:42:00 GMT 2005

Hello, everyone,

Can someone please answer the following regarding the latest glibc-2.3.4:

1) What is the current origin of the 189 locales in glibc-2.3.4? Are these
   still the set of accrued locale data from glibc, or have these data already
   been influenced/augmented by the CLDR/ICU locale data?
   (I suspect that the answer to this question is that the data are the accrued 
    locale data from glibc, not yet influenced by CLDR.  Is this correct?)

2) If the current glibc locale data have not yet been influenced/augmented
   by the CLDR project, is there a plan to do so by the glibc maintainers?
   I would really like to know what the maintainer's thoughts and future plans
   might be.

3) If there is a plan by the glibc maintainers to derive all future
glibc locale data
   from the CLDR XML data repository, does this mean that we can look
forward to having
   all of the localedata in UTF-8 format when it is translated into
the POSIX format
   required by glibc? 
   (This would be much nicer than the mish-mash of legacy encodings).

4) Is there any future plan to extend the glibc library to, say, read
directly from the
   CLDR LDML XML format?

Thank you!

- Ed Trager
  Bioinformatics Programmer
  Kellogg Eye Center
  University of Michigan,
  Ann Arbor

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