[rajeev joseph sebastian] Implementing locales in Linux

Danilo Segan dsegan@gmx.net
Sun Feb 13 19:52:00 GMT 2005

Hi Rajeev,

I think this is more suitable for libc-locales list (CCed, strip
linux-utf8 list in replies).

Also try http://www.student.uit.no/~pere/linux/glibc/ for some tips in
creating locales. 


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I am Rajeev J Sebastian, and I have many doubts
regarding the implementation of locales. I am running
Debian Sarge.

What I need to do is, be able to decide the order of
languages and also to includes other locales. 

In detail:

I am writing an ml_IN (Malayalam, India) locale,
(currently testing collation). With the collation
specification, I made based on others, I installed the
locale, and started using it.

But I noticed that in Konqueror filemanager, English
file names are sorted after (in ascending order of
length of the string), and after the correctly sorted
Malayalam file names. 

I think, this is because in the collation
specification, the last symbol in the order is
UNDEFINED, and  I have not defined the order for latin

So - how do I include the system collation spec for
say en_US into my ml_IN and still retain my collation
for malayalam ? Can I also include multiple locales
(say for hi_IN, mr_IN, etc) and also define the
relative order between them ? Can the orders of some
symbols which exist in more than one locale, to be
overridden by the current one ?

Rajeev J Sebastian

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