Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime
Thu Jan 27 21:45:00 GMT 2005

First of all, many thank for your kind answer, Petter. 

Je 2005-01-25-09-54-22 (+0100), Petter Reinholdtsen skribis:
> I do not know the reason why Ulrich Drepper choose to reject Lojban,
> but he is one of the glibc commiters and maintainers, so you can
> assume it is official.  

I think this should be documented in a `locales policy' or whatever.

(I am not aware of how `policies' work in GLIBC team or GNU in 
general.  I expected it to be similar to Debian's procedures, but 
often I find that discussions in a GNU project are not as `publicly
accessible' as Debian's.) [1]

> And I also syspect he want to avoid increasing the maintainence cost
> of the locales database by limiting it to real languages spoken in
> real areas on earth.

Well, artificial language candidates for a locale are much less
numerous than `real' (natural) ones.  Esperanto, Lojban, perhaps
Volapuk... But if someone volunteers to write a locale file, it should
have the same right as someone speaking an obscure dialect with 
some thousends of speakers.

> Why do you need a locale for the artificial languages Esperanto and
> Lojban?

Actually there is no *need* for other language save English, is it? :-)
Just changing locales for money, and decimal point/comma... no, this
is not needed either, at least at GLIBC level...

Seriously, I'd like my computer speaking Esperanto, and I'd like my 
Esperanto partners not having to use Windows to work in Esperanto, etc.

I've seen than KDE, OpenOffice, etc., has good Esperanto translation
teams.  And the ability to choose Esperanto as a language should be
the same as any other.

But while trying to set my Debian system, I've noticed that eo_EO (or
eo_XX) is included, but it is no SUPPORTED (not included in the list
of supported locales).  Following mailing lists, I've seen that 
Debian patches the SUPPORTED list of locales of GLIBC [2].  And I 
thought that it should be better if `eo' were directly supported by
GLIBC, thus allowing a direct solution for all GNU systems.

> (Not sure if you are on the list, so I send a copy directly to you)

Thank you.  I'll be following the list these days.

All the best.

[1] whether to use savane or g-forge for; GFDL; &c.



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