Petter Reinholdtsen
Tue Jan 25 08:54:00 GMT 2005

[Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime]
> I'd like to know about the reasons for `the glibc maintainers seem
> to refuse "artificial languages" like Esperanto and Lojban, even if
> they got a ISO 639 code.' [*]

I do not know the reason why Ulrich Drepper choose to reject Lojban,
but he is one of the glibc commiters and maintainers, so you can
assume it is official.  I suspect it is because he do not see the need
for these languages, and thus not the need for the locales either.
And I also syspect he want to avoid increasing the maintainence cost
of the locales database by limiting it to real languages spoken in
real areas on earth.

Why do you need a locale for the artificial languages Esperanto and

(Not sure if you are on the list, so I send a copy directly to you)

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