Serbian locales: sr_CS, sr_CS@Latn

Danilo Šegan
Fri Dec 10 19:20:00 GMT 2004

Hi Petter,

There has been no progress with Serbian locales, but the situation is
getting worse every day.  Old sr_YU and sr_YU@cyrillic locales have
been removed in April, and distributions are more and more likely to
use newer GNU libc which will come without any Serbian locales.

As you know, I've done some work on updated locales:

If not anything else, they're a major improvement over the old sr_YU
locales, and certainly an improvement over not having any Serbian
locales at all.

I consider this pretty urgent, since we've already got a loop-hole of
7-8 months, and it means that it will take another half-year for
distributions who keep up-to-date to take notice of the changes done
today.  This also means that most Serbian users are screwed for at
least a year, so I don't want to see this prolonged any more.

Can you please find some time to take a look at these locales?  They
have now been viewed by several people, used by more than a couple
dozen people, and nobody reported problems.


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