Bugs related to Serbian locales

Petter Reinholdtsen pere@hungry.com
Wed Mar 10 22:32:00 GMT 2004

[Danilo Segan]
> Bug #38[1] is a bug report against current sr_YU and sr_YU@cyrillic
> locales, with complete replacement locales sr_CS and sr_CS@Latn.  It
> depends on bug #40[2], which corrects ISO codes as recently changed.

I'll start on the ISO 3166 update (bug #40), and look at the others
later.  It seem to me the easiest bug to fix, as the correct values
can be checked by looking them up on the ISO web site.

The others are more fuzzy to check, so it is probably a good idea to
include some official-looking references documenting that the locale
content is correct. :)

Including a few test cases is probably a good idea as well.  Number
and currency formatting, and sorting order already have test
frameworks available. :)

(I still do not quite understand how well documented the change
requests should be, but I do know that Ulrich Drepper like to have
some references available to check that the locale is correct. :)

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