Patching glibc 2.27 on Ubuntu

Carlos O'Donell
Thu Nov 25 17:24:09 GMT 2021

On 11/25/21 03:53, Evgeny Morozov wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to apply a patch from
> (the "mitigation
> patch": to many
> x64 systems running Ubuntu 18.04. They should all have the same version of
> the libc6 package installed. Is it possible to build it on one system and
> just copy the affected binaries to all of them, or do I have to build and
> install it on each system? If I can copy just a few binaries, should I copy
> only,, both, something else?

You need to integrate the patch into the Ubuntu version of glibc shipping with the distribution.

You should take the patch, and add it to the Ubuntu glibc package as a patch and build the package
using dpkg-buildpackage or a build service.

It is not recommended to build your own glibc and install it into your distribution.


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