Glibc 2.31 and kernel 5.10 compatibility consultation

Konstantin Kharlamov
Fri Jul 30 06:59:10 GMT 2021

Linux kernel motto is "we don't break userspace". So please don't worry, nothing
is gonna happen with your apps if you make use of a newer kernel version.

On Fri, 2021-07-30 at 04:03 +0000, xiechengliang via Libc-help wrote:
> Hi all,
> Through the RELEASE of glibc 2.31, it is found that the highest kernel version
> used in the test is 5.4,  Is there a compatibility problem if the kernel uses
> 5.10?
> Through the changelog of the new version of glibc, it is found that the new
> version has updated syscall lists for Linux 5.10,  In addition, are there any
> other adaptation points for the 5.10 kernel?
>    Has the community done a compatibility test between kernel 5.10 and glibc
> 2.31?
> Thank you
> Xie Chengliang

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