Question regarding test suite build

Lukasz Majewski
Wed Jul 21 13:35:22 GMT 2021

Dear Community,

I've thought about using yocto's ptest utility to check correctness of
glibc on for example ARMv7 or i386.

The idea would be simple - copy cross compiled tests - e.g
test-clock_settime to the target's rootfs when created in yocto.

Then, after booting up the board (in for example qemu) run those tests
with ptest-runner.

Advantages of this approach:

1. DO NOT use SSH and test-wrapper script to copy those binaries

2. Tests would be cross compiled on powerfull HOST machine

3. Run tests on target device - can be qemu or custom board (which
would help a lot with validation)

The problem I'm facing now is that make check does everything at once (
it cross compiles tests, executes them and prints results).
I would probably need to add new make rule (like make tst or such)

The first step would be just cross compile tests. The
'host-built-program-cmd' from Makeconfig seems to be responsible for it.


1. I'm adjusting Rules and then execute:
rm ./time/tst-clock_settime*
make V=1 --debug=b PARALLELMFLAGS="-j8" subdirs=time check

but the changes from Rules or Makeconfig are not applied (at least not
in logs).

For example I've added to Rules (line 297)

to see how tests are built, but no output is visible.

2. What is the purpose of 'all-testsuite' variable in Makerules (line

Is a separate (helper) library (libtestsuite) built to have all eligible
tests in it?

3. It looks like some env variables GCONV_PATH and LOCPATH are set when
tests are built (Makeconfig line 745) in run-program-env.

I'm wondering how I could avoid setting it on target (store in bash.rc
when image is created?) and just call the test itself (like

Thanks in advance for help.

Best regards,

Lukasz Majewski


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