how to link with old versions of glibc?

Florian Weimer
Wed May 20 14:50:58 GMT 2020

* Paul Zimmermann:

>        Dear Florian,
> thank you for your answer. In fact any solution that works (statically or
> dynamically) is fine for my application.

See the instructions here:


I'm not sure if this actually works, I would have expected some -L
arguments as well, so maybe this:

gcc \
${GLIBC}/dfp \
-L ${GLIBC} \
-L ${GLIBC}/math \
-L ${GLIBC}/elf \
-L ${GLIBC}/dlfcn \
-L ${GLIBC}/nss \
-L ${GLIBC}/nis \
-L ${GLIBC}/rt \
-L ${GLIBC}/resolv \
-L ${GLIBC}/crypt \
-L ${GLIBC}/nptl \
-L ${GLIBC}/dfp \
  -Wl,--dynamic-linker=${GLIBC}/elf/ \

Does this help?


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