[Meta?] Where do I post proposals/ideas?

Soni L. fakedme@gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 01:56:00 GMT 2015

Hi, I'm new here, and I'd like to know where I can post proposals/ideas?

This is my proposal/idea: ( also available on 
https://gist.github.com/SoniEx2/32ba4caf50c96ad0d9bc )


Let's talk about shared objects and my "namespace" idea.

Let's say we have

void *dlnewns(void);
void *dlcopyns(void *namespace);
void *dlthisns(void);
void *dlnsopen(void *namespace, const char *filename, int flag);
void *dlnssym(void *namespace, const char *symbol);
int dlnsclose(void *namespace, void *handle);
int dldelns(void *namespace);

(If you notice, I didn't include a `dlnserror()`, we can just use 
`dlerror()` for that)

dlnewns() creates a new **empty** namespace and returns it. This is a 
**completely** isolated namespace.

dlcopyns() makes a copy of a namespace and returns that copy. This 
technically reopens all the handles inside the namespace, so the copy is 
isolated from the original namespace. (This lets libdl tweak all the 
handles/libs to work with the new namespace)

dlthisns() returns the namespace of the caller. This is mainly for use 
with dlcopyns()?

dlnsopen() is the namespaced variant of dlopen(). Returns a handle. 
RTLD_LOCAL only opens the lib with the namespace, without injecting the 
names into it. RTLD_GLOBAL injects names into the namespace.

dlnssym() is basically how you get things in to and out of namespaces. 
This does a lookup directly on the namespace, not on a handle.

dlnsclose() is the namespaced variant of dlclose(). Returns 0 on success 
and nonzero on error. (is this needed? can't we just use dlclose() instead?)

dldelns() is like dlclose(), but for namespaces. Because namespaces are 
local to the running application, not a shared resource, this actually 
destroys them. (Altho I guess if you pass a namespace into a namespace 
this would be a footgun... Meh, no worse than the dlopen() without 
dlclose() footgun)

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