glibc 2.20 make install

Allin Cottrell
Tue Oct 14 13:11:00 GMT 2014

On Tue, 14 Oct 2014, Michael Brunnbauer wrote:

> hi all,
> I remember reading that upgrading glibc with make install is not a good idea
> or "not supported". What is the correct way of upgrading glibc?

The way I've always done it is:

make DESTDIR=/tmp/somedir install
cd /tmp/somedir && tar cvfz $HOME/glibc.tar.gz usr var

then boot from (e.g.) SystemRescueCd, mount the relevant partition 
and untar glibc.tar.gz at the appropriate place. Finally, reboot
back to the real system.

Allin Cottrell

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