Regarding "Inconsistency detected by" 32 Bit Elf

Carlos O'Donell
Wed May 8 19:44:00 GMT 2013

On 05/08/2013 03:12 PM, Karthikeyan Shanmugam wrote:
>> Please note that a reduced test case is ONE source file, ONE linker
>> script, maybe ONE more source file to build a library with, and
>> some instructions. It has to be simple enough for others on the
>> list to try out and help you with. It would also be good if that
>> test case works on x86-64 so others can help you.
> I've one standalone program to reproduce this scenario compiled for
> Power-PC. I'm currently not much familiar with INTEL arch, so will to
> change the program a bit for Intel arch.
> In general, I thought similar kind of situation would have faced by
> many others as because we have limited VMA in 32 bit chips to satisfy
> contiguous memory allocations especially like database related
> frameworks.

I know that QEMU has to do something similar. There are probably so
few applications that need to do this that there is no good accepted
standard way to accomplish this.

> 1. Is there any other method to force all libs (including dynamic
> loader) to fall above TASK_UNMAPPED_AREA area instead to be in
> desired/fixed address (except prelink and libtool)?

I know of no other way than prelink.

How do you do this with libtool?

> 2. In prelink tool, is there any auto option to detect-force relocate
> only the non-zero PT_LOAD segment libraries?

I don't know.


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