tst-getaddrinfo4 failure with glibc-2.18

Allin Cottrell cottrell@wfu.edu
Thu Aug 15 16:51:00 GMT 2013

On Thu, 15 Aug 2013, Allin Cottrell wrote:

> I suspect it's unrelated to getaddrinfo(), but I got some nasty stuff going 
> on with 2.18 -- many desktop components started segfaulting. I've now dropped 
> back to 2.17 and things are working again.
> From the boot with glibc 2.18 this is the sort of thing journalctl was 
> showing:
> Aug 15 09:57:37 waverley kernel: Linux version 3.10.7 (root@waverley) (gcc 
> version 4.8.1 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Aug 15 08:00:09 EDT 2013
> Aug 15 09:57:37 waverley kernel: Command line: 
> BOOT_IMAGE=dev001:\EFI\elilo\vmlinuz-3.10.7 root=/dev/sda5 rootfstype=ext4 
> net.ifnames=0 ro
> [...]
> Aug 15 09:58:10 waverley kernel: traps: panel-1-places[397] general 
> protection ip:f6e5b23b sp:ffa51fe8 error:0 in libc-2.18.so[f6d34000+1a4000]
> Aug 15 09:58:10 waverley kernel: traps: xfdesktop[329] general protection 
> ip:f662223b sp:ff8231a8 error:0 in libc-2.18.so[f64fb000+1a4000]
> Aug 15 09:58:10 waverley kernel: traps: tumblerd[351] general protection 
> ip:f739623b sp:ff9e0988 error:0 in libc-2.18.so[f726f000+1a4000]
> Aug 15 09:58:11 waverley kernel: traps: gvfs-mtp-volume[466] general 
> protection ip:f72b4535 sp:ffa5514c error:0 in libc-2.18.so[f718d000+1a4000]
> Aug 15 09:58:11 waverley kernel: traps: gvfsd-trash[486] general protection 
> ip:f739623b sp:ffce7f9c error:0 in libc-2.18.so[f726f000+1a4000]

I should have said: this is on a system with 64-bit kernel and 
32-bit userspace. I'm seeing something that may be related at


I last built and installed glibc-2.17 in January, since when 
I've updated gcc (4.8.1) and kernel headers (3.10.7). So I 
just tried the experiment of rebuilding 2.17 under my current 
setup, to check that nothing had gone screwy in the meantime 
in regard to my ability to build a properly functioning glibc. 
Result: all OK, the system is stable with glibc-2.17 as 
rebuilt today. But it's seriously unstable with glibc-2.18 as 
built with the same toolchain and configure options, namely:

../glibc-2.17/configure --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu \
  --prefix=/usr --with-tls \
  --disable-profile --enable-add-ons \

Allin Cottrell

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