system call interposition using LD_PRELOAD

Carlos O'Donell
Fri Mar 30 02:44:00 GMT 2012

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 10:25 PM, Godmar Back <> wrote:
> a student of mine is working on a project that requires system call
> interposition. In the old days, this could be accomplished using a
> LD_PRELOAD library that would redefine the system call entry points.

I don't know that it has *ever* been possible to use ELF symbol
interposition to intercept all system calls made by glibc.

> He tells me that for several years now, this is no longer possible with GNU
> libc because functions such as fopen() do not dynamically link against the
> stubs, but rather a local PLT is used. He also claims some system call
> sequences are even inlined in parts of the libc code.

This is all true.

> He is now considering changing libc, but finds that its design does not lend
> itself easily to doing that.

That depends on your level of experience, but yes it's not currently
easy to intercept all system calls.

> If this is true, what is the new state of the practice with respect to
> system call interposition?

On Linux you would use the ptrace API to catch the system call on the
kernel side using PTRACE_SYSCALL. On the kernel side there is a well
defined syscall entry and exit process.

> I would like to hear other's experience/tips/recommendations. Thank you.

For many reasons it's impractical to arrange the C library to be the
point of interception of the syscall, thus there is no good mechanism
for interception.

Good luck to your student and good luck with your work.


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