Help for graduate research - how are NLTP routines implemented at the OS level

Florian Weimer
Thu Mar 24 15:58:00 GMT 2011

* Edmon Begoli:

> Would you please instruct me on two things:
> - what exact command should I run to get as succinct version of the
> assembler generated
> for the small snippet of pthreads code (similar to the one below).
> I was using gcc -phtread -S -O2 -fdump-tree-all -fverbose-asm <filename>.c

This is the way.  But you won't see much because from the point of
view of the compiler (and the assembly listing generated), this is
just an ordinary function call.

> Furthermore - it seems that it would be worthwhile to write a paper
> on this topic given the absence of formal documentation, so if
> anyone is interested in collaborating on the paper that we would
> submit to some compilers journal please let me know.

I very much doubt you can get this published because it lacks novelty.

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