Static Linking

Laros, James
Tue Feb 22 18:25:00 GMT 2011

I would be very interested in this answer also, less the holy war
perspective. Dynamic libraries are difficult to deal with at very large
scale (50-100k nodes). I have nothing against dynamic libs but allowing
fully static builds is important for some niche areas.

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On 2/22/11 11:16 AM, "Julius Schmidt" <> wrote:

>Some functions in glibc like gethostbyaddr don't like to be statically
>(well, you can, but they require the dynamic libraries, defeating the
>of static linking). Is there some rationale behind this? (beyond hurr
>static linking sucks why do you use it; i know, Ulrich)
>I don't mean to start a religious flamewar about static vs dynamic
>linking; I'd just like to hear why this decision was made.

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