Problem With Local Installation of GLibC 2.5.1

Petr Baudis
Mon Sep 14 00:04:00 GMT 2009


On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 03:51:59AM +0530, Amit Kumar Dhar wrote:
> I, am using a shared Debian 2.14.3 system, as a non-privileged user. I

  I wonder what kind of version number 2.14.3 is, but it doesn't really
seem to fit anything (certainly not Debian's versioning scheme).

> installed GlibC 2.5.1 locally in my home folder from source issuing
> the following commands-
> ./configure --prefix=/path/to/my/local/
> library/directory/
> make
> make install
> Though the installation phase went on quietly, with some "clock skew"
> warnings, but after "make install" it showed an error, complaining
> that it cannot write the configuration file. After that many of my
> applications are giving segmentation fault.
> Can anyone help me regarding how to uninstall GlibC 2.5.1 and then
> reinstall it locally correctly?

  Generally, that isn't really supported; one obvious pitfall is that
you need to make sure all programs using the new glibc are executed
not directly, but using ld-linux from the new glibc, otherwise it's
likely everything will just segfault right away; use something like

	/path/to/my/local/lib/ your_application

but if the application calls other binaries, you still get in trouble.

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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