NSS with SUCCESS=continue

Sylvain debian.roxx@gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 10:01:00 GMT 2009

Hi !

I have one question about NSS with SUCCESS=continue and the
documentation + sources doesn't help me.

Here relevant part of my nsswitch.conf :
group:          files [SUCCESS=continue] mysql

When I execute « getent group sudo » (group « sudo » is both in
services « files » and « mysql »), « getent » return nothing ($? = -2)
but if I remove SUCCESS=continue or put only « group: mysql files » in
nsswitch.conf, it's works so here my question : Is it the normal
behaviour or not ? Because, in my mind, if I put SUCCESS=continue and
« mysql » service return nothing, the result of « files » service must
be used but like it's not the case, I must be wrong.


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