How to debug glibc-2.10.1 mips on linux multilib o32 ld or libc Segmentation fault?

Cheng Renquan
Thu Sep 3 03:49:00 GMT 2009

Hello, all,
  Recently I have cross compiled GCC-4.4.1 with eglibc-2.10.1,
with a multilib configuration, o32/n32/n64, the result is that n32/n64
can work well, while o32 libs always Segmentation fault,

I have read this but still have no good idea on how to debug,

then I run it like this,

$ LD_DEBUG=all eglibc-install-root-o32/lib/ --library-path

it ends with:

     30257:	symbol=__stack_chk_guard;  lookup in
file=eglibc-install-root-o32/usr/bin/locale [0]
     30257:	symbol=__stack_chk_guard;  lookup in
     30257:	symbol=__stack_chk_guard;  lookup in
file=eglibc-install-root-o32/lib/ [0]
     30257:	binding file eglibc-install-root-o32/lib/ [0] to
eglibc-install-root-o32/lib/ [0]: normal symbol
`__stack_chk_guard' [GLIBC_2.4]
     30257:	calling init:
Segmentation fault

So please give some inputs on how to resolve this? Thanks,

Cheng Renquan

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