glibc + add new function

Carlos O'Donell
Sun Jun 21 03:08:00 GMT 2009

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 1:35 AM, Ashutosh Sharma<> wrote:
> I have added new function to glibc. I am able to build the system successfully. But after installation i found new function is only part of libc.a not
> i have added new function to sysdep/powerpc/powerpc32/function.S


> i have updated make file in string/Makefile (routines)

This is incorrect. You should be adding function.S to the appropriate
variable in sysdeps/powerpc/powerpc32/Makefile, but only when "ifeq
($(subdir),string)". You should never modify a non-machine Makefile if
you are adding a machine-dependent function.

> i have update header file include/string.h  (libc_hidden_builtin_proto (function)

Did you add your function to the declarations in string/string.h?


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