Why do you want libc to be 5 times slower than other libraries?

Agner Fog agner@agner.org
Sat Aug 9 08:22:00 GMT 2008

Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> The libc-alpha list is really for the discussion of glibc patches e.g.
> concrete changes.
> There might be a discussion started by the patch, but the initiating
> events involve patches.
> The libc-help list is definitely the place to have pre-patch
> discussions e.g. no working solution yet.
Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes sense.
> If the webpage said "discussion of glibc patches," would that have
> made the intent clear?
That would be patches after submission, not proposed patches? And the 
description for libc-help should be changed too. As it is now, it 
appears to be only for helping people who have problems using or 
building libc. Maybe the explanation you have made above should go on 
the webpage.

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