Why do you want libc to be 5 times slower than other libraries?

Agner Fog agner@agner.org
Thu Aug 7 11:56:00 GMT 2008

 >What do you think needs changing?

I sent a mail to libc-alpha with discussion of improvements in libc, but 
it was rejected even though that's exactly what the description says 
libc-alpha is for: "The libc-alpha list is for the discussion of glibc 

 > I think that this topic belongs in the libc-alpha mailing list, but the
 > moderator rejected my mail and told me to send it to libc-help instead.
 > And here nobody replies.

Ryan wrote:
 >?Your email to libc-alpha was rejected because the libc-alpha mailing
 >list isn't a discussion list for covering the process of glibc
 >bug/enhancement submissions (that is what bugzilla and/or libc-help 
are for).

 >The ?libc-help mailing list is for a lot of things, not just questions.
 >It is a place to develop ideas, vet patches, learn the development
 >process, refine patches, etc.

The description says: "The libc-help list is intended for all glibc 
questions including build problems"

I relied on the list descriptions and got rejected. That made me angry. 
Obviously, the moderator is not in agreement with the list descriptions.

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