Monday Patch Queue Review update (2021-10-18)

Carlos O'Donell
Mon Oct 18 15:03:37 GMT 2021

Most recent meeting status is always here:

Meeting: 2021-10-18 @ 0900h EST (UTC-5)


IRC: #glibc on OFTC.

Review new patches and restart review at the top.

 * 339 NEW/NOBODY patches in queue.
 * [v2] elf: Support DT_RELR relative relocation format [BZ #27924]
  * Need official gABI assignment (Carry Coutant status?)
   * Needs to be reserved verbally by Carry (Action item)
   * Required for patch acceptance.
  * Need BFD port or a released llvm/lld that supports DT_RELR to review patches.
   * Minimally a 32-bit and 64-bit port that can build glibc and passes regression testing.
   * Required for patch review.
  * Official glibc relese with feature?
   * Need BFD port to support build-many-glibcs to provide testing confidence.
  * HJ: Would like to see a BFD port before a glibc release with the features.
   * Sufficient to have a released binutils with DT_RELR also.
  * Release date of released static linkers with support should be close to glibc release with feature.
   * When glibc is released users can pick a static linker to test with (binutils or lld).
 * 317 NEW/NOBODY patches in queue.
 * Add and use link-test-modules-rpath-link [BZ #28455]
 * elf: Also try DT_RUNPATH for internal dlopen [BZ #28455]
  * Needed for change in linker default.
 * elf: Make global.out depend on [BZ #28457]
  * Existing defect.
 * 46290: elf: Fix elf_get_dynamic_info() for bootstrap
  * Needs review.
 * 45506: [v2] Initialize bootstrap_map.l_ld_readonly [BZ #28340]
  * Needs review to fix valgrind issue with ppc64le.
 * _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 improvements
  * Siddhesh looking for review.
 * Series 3601: Improve hypot()
  * Changes requested by Paul Zimmerman.


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