How to elf/tst-ldconfig-* in cross test setup

DJ Delorie
Wed Mar 11 22:28:37 GMT 2020

Vineet Gupta <> writes:
>> $ make test-wrapper='<full path
>> to>/br/build/glibc-867196a7635/scripts/ root@' xcheck
>> subdirs=elf
> FWIW the original failures were here
>   lock_fd = open (concat (pristine_root_path, "/lock.fd", NULL),
> 		 O_CREAT | O_TRUNC | O_RDWR, 0666);
>   if (lock_fd < 0)
>     FAIL_EXIT1 ("Cannot create testroot lock.\n");   <----

That's inside test-container.c and should be referring to the
test-root's root (i.e. <full path to>/br/build/glibc-867196a7635/testroot.root/lock.fd

Is there a UID mismatch between the two systems?  Did you run a full
"make check" at least once, to build the initial testroot?  It does a
full "make install" into $build/testroot.pristine/ to use as the basis
for the container's root.

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