Rename "master" branch to "main"?

Carlos O'Donell
Tue Jun 30 18:10:13 GMT 2020


As we approach the release boundary for 2.32 we come to a natural point
where we can rename our development and release branch.

Red Hat CTO Chris Wright wrote about this recently:

LWN also wrote about this recently in "Loaded terms in free software":

Github is committed to changing the default development branch to "main":

There are open requests for Gitlab to adopt "main" as the default branch name:

My proposal would be to rename the development and current release branch:

* master -> main

* release/2.32/master -> release/2.32/main

This proposal is only about the development branch and upcoming release
branch. Please start a new thread to discuss the historical branch names
or other relevant issues.

My concern is that git, as a project, has not yet changed their default,
and it would be beneficial to match their default name. I am OK with
waiting for the git project to make a choice before changing our branch
name to match.



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