[RFC PATCH v4 1/2] configure: Remove --enable-obsolete-nsl

Petr Vorel pvorel@suse.cz
Tue Jun 30 18:06:01 GMT 2020

Hi Florian,

> * Petr Vorel:

> >> nss_compat no longer depends on libnsl in current glibc.  It can be used
> >> without NIS, and some users do that.  I don't think your patch changes
> >> this.

> > Interesting. I guess adding this would be worth then:
> > libnss_compat no longer depends on libnsl and can be used without NIS.

> We made this change a while back, in glibc 2.27, when the sources were
> moved to nss/nss_compat (from nis/nss_compat).  So this isn't something
> new.
Thanks for info. BTW sent v5, not sure, if this can be a final version.

> Thanks,
> Florian

Kind regards,

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