[PATCH 1/3] glibc: Perform rseq registration at C startup and thread creation (v21)

Florian Weimer fweimer@redhat.com
Wed Jun 24 19:24:15 GMT 2020

* Mathieu Desnoyers:

>> I think we should keep things simple on the glibc side for now and do
>> this changes to the kernel headers first.
> Just to be sure I understand what you mean by "keep things simple", do you
> recommend removing the following lines completely for now from sys/rseq.h ?
> /* Ensure the compiler supports rseq_align.  */
> __rseq_static_assert (__rseq_alignof (struct rseq_cs) >= 32, "alignment");
> __rseq_static_assert (__rseq_alignof (struct rseq) >= 32, "alignment");

Yes, that's what I meant.


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