[PATCH v3] Set width of JUNGSEONG/JONGSEONG characters from UD7B0 to UD7FB to 0 [BZ #26120]

Carlos O'Donell carlos@redhat.com
Tue Jun 23 15:17:56 GMT 2020

On 6/23/20 5:30 AM, Mike FABIAN via Libc-alpha wrote:
> I skipped unassigned characters and ended the range at U+D7FF even
> though U+D7FC .. U+D7FF are currently unassigned. But because
> the script now skips the unassigned characters it is OK to end the range
> for the Hangul Jamo at U+D7FF, if these characters ever happen to get
> assigned in future, they will probably be Hangul Jamo because of
> Block.txt.
> After each Unicode update, manual checking is good anyway, but ending
> the range in the script at U+D7FF seems more likely to do the right
> thing already if these characters ever get assigned.

You change the generator but all the files that are generated by the
generator do not appear regenerated in your patch.

Can you please post exactly what you plan to commit, that way we can
review the results?

I'm expecting:
- generator change.
- all files updated with date changes.
- some files have more than date changes.

This way we keep the generated files consistent.


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