Bikeshed: glibc.dl.* or glibc.rtld.*?

Carlos O'Donell
Thu Jun 18 21:12:26 GMT 2020

Szabolcs, Chung-Lin,

Which tunables namespace should we use for the dynamic loader?

glibc.dl.* (currently proposed by Szabolcs for dl_nns, and surplus static tls).

glibc.rtld.* (currently proposed by Chung-Lin for dynamic_sort=N changes).

dl = dynamic loader/linker
rtld = runtime loader/linker

We have Solaris precedence for using rtld.

We have MacOS precedence for using DL_*

My slight inclination would be to use glibc.rtld.* for everything.

I find rtld immediately identifiable as a loader-related tunable.

While glibc.dl.* might be, or, or something else.



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