[PATCH 0/7] RFC Memory tagging support

Paul Eggert eggert@cs.ucla.edu
Mon Jun 15 15:08:54 GMT 2020

On 6/15/20 7:40 AM, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> 3) Tests that construct a fake internal malloc data structure and then
> try to perform operations on them.  I haven't looked at these in too
> much detail, but the first issue is that the fake header is only
> 8-byte aligned and for MTE to work it requires a 16-byte aligned
> structure

Is the problem here that the tests fail quickly due to easy-to-check alignment
issues, and so no longer test the more-interesting defenses?

Would it make sense for these tests to align the fake internal data structure to
16 bytes using _Alignas? I.e., should the tests be trying to fail due to easy
alignment issues, or should they be trying to skip the easy alignment issues and
go on to the harder parts of the tests?

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