A question of glibc installation

吕重辛 zhongxinlv1997@gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 11:50:04 GMT 2020

Dear glibc developers
Hello, I am very embarrassed to ask a question about glibc compilation and
I am using centos7.7 system with glibc version 2.17. Don't laugh at me,
this is indeed a bit too old, I sincerely ask for your help. I plan to
apply my own patch based on this version. So I downloaded the source code
of version 2.17, applied patches, configure, make, make install. When I
made install, because of the replacement of the key library files, the
system crashed directly and could not start again. The second time, I
configure --prefix=/home/test, make, make install, and save the result in
/home/test. Then remove the system disk, mount it to other systems, and
manually cp -a the library file to the /lib64 directory. Turn on the system
disk again, and then call Call Trace after a short flash, which still fails
to start.
My patch is small and does not affect system functions. It should be
feasible to replace library files with the same version. I feel that some
links or symbol tables are not noticed. can you help me?
I wish you stay away from disease and good health.


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