[PATCH][AArch64] Merge Falkor memcpy and memmove

Wilco Dijkstra Wilco.Dijkstra@arm.com
Mon Jun 8 13:25:56 GMT 2020

Hi Adhemerval,

Thanks for the review.

> -sysdep_routines += memcpy_generic memcpy_thunderx memcpy_thunderx2 \
> -                memcpy_falkor memmove_falkor \

> Just remove memmove_falkor from second line, there is no need to
> move memcpy_thunderx2 below.


> -#define tmp1 x14
> +#define tmp1 x14

> I see no need to move this definition below.


> +#if IS_IN (libc)

> Another non required change, the check is already in place
> before ENTRY_ALIGN.


> +L(copy128):

> Rename it to memcpy_copy128 to make it explicity on memmove code it
> is branching to memcpy or at least add comment stating it.

There is already a comment just above the code that jumps back to memcpy:

+   For small and medium cases memcpy is used.  */

I'm not sure how much more would need to be said given this is exactly what
we do in the other memcpy implementations, and it is the main goal of this

> -     /* Align SRC to 16 bytes and copy; that way at least one of the
> +     /* Align src to 16 bytes and copy; that way at least one of the
>           accesses is aligned throughout the copy sequence.

> I see no point in lowercase the SRC here.


> +     .p2align 4
> +     nop
>  L(copy_long):

> If the idea is to align the L(last64), I think is better to add
> .p2align 4 before instead of trying to align here.

Last64 is an unused label, so I removed it. I added a comment to
explain it aligns loop64.

Committed as d1f75e964484504e4f30f4623569d5889a97ac18


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