[PATCH v2] manual: Add pthread_attr_setsigmask_np, pthread_attr_getsigmask_np

Florian Weimer fweimer@redhat.com
Wed Jun 3 12:24:24 GMT 2020

* Michael Kerrisk:

>> > +It is possible to create a new thread with a specific signal mask
>> > +without using these functions.  On the thread that calls
> [I missed this piece, that the bullet list is *steps in the thread
> that calls pthread_create()*. Sorry about the confusion.

In the HTML version, it's quite visible: the macro description is
indented.  Likewise in the Info version.  So I think we are good.

>> > +@code{pthread_create}, the required steps for the general case are:
>> > +
>> > +@enumerate 1
>> > +@item
>> > +Mask all signals, and save the old signal mask, using
>> > +@code{pthread_sigmask}.  This ensures that the new thread will be
>> > +created with all signals masked, so that signals can arrive on the
>> s/signals/no signals/
>> The word "arrive" seems a bit vague to me. How about:
>> [[
>> This ensures that the new thread will be created with all signals
>> masked, so that no signals can be delivered until the desired signal
>> mask is set.
>> ]]

Thanks for keeping my terminology straight.  Yes, “delivered” is indeed
the term I was looking for.


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