[PATCH v2 2/4] iee754: provide gcc builtins based generic fma functions

Vineet Gupta Vineet.Gupta1@synopsys.com
Wed Jun 3 00:20:08 GMT 2020

On 6/2/20 10:27 AM, Adhemerval Zanella via Libc-alpha wrote:
>> I used commit f82996f815 "Use GCC builtins for round functions if desired" as
>> starting point for my change. And seems it was not an ideal reference :-) as round
>> has far fewer instances than fma. Indeed fma is present in ldbl-128 and dbl-64 so
>> needs updating in both.
> I think after this set is upstream I will refactor to make each symbol and its
> variant (i.g sqrt, sqrtf, etc.) to be define on its own file.  The default
> math-use-builtins will then include each file:
>   /* math-use-builtins.h  */
>   #inclde <math-use-builtins-sqrt.h>
>   [...]
> With default USE_* begin 0. This would allow to add new builtin usage without 
> require to sync with every architecture (and without breaking its build as well).

OK !

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