[Bug default/26646] unexpectedly declaration-only types

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Tue Sep 22 12:15:13 GMT 2020


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"gprocida+abigail at google dot com" <sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org>

> We've noticed for some time that we get a mix of declarations and definitions
> appearing in kernel ABI XML for the same types.
> In some cases, only a declaration appears despite there being a full definition
> in the DWARF. Often, this declaration has a "size" despite the size information
> being associated with the full DWARF definition, not the declaration.
> I've sent in a patch which illustrates this bug (by changing the order in which
> definitions and declarations are canonicalised). If need be, I can send over a
> vmlinux.

I would definitely want to get my hands on a vmlinux which exhibits the
issue, yes, please.

> Patch: https://sourceware.org/pipermail/libabigail/2020q3/002679.html


> The patch serves as workaround for around 160 kernel types which appear
> incomplete in the ABI.

Right, I'd prefer fixing the root cause.  So as I said above, the
vmlinux would be greatly appreciated.


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