[Bug default/26315] abidiff segfaults from 9a113ce but works in 1.7

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Thu Sep 10 15:04:41 GMT 2020


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--- Comment #5 from dodji at redhat dot com ---
Thank you for reporting this issue, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Looking at the backtrace it looks like libabigail the segmentation fault is
happening on this line:


basically, l and r are typdef types.  Normally, {l,r}.get_underlying_type() can
never be NULL, because typedef always have underlying types.

So I am not sure what is happening there.  It would be really helpful if I
could look at the binary itself to see what is happening, but I guess that is
not possible, is it?

Just for the record, the git hash I am looking at is this one:

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