[PATCH 0/9 v2] Relicensing Libabigail to Apache 2.0 + LLVM Exception

Jessica Yu jeyu@kernel.org
Thu Jul 16 16:01:54 GMT 2020

+++ Dodji Seketeli via Libabigail [15/07/20 17:02 +0200]:
>This is the second version of the patch series to relicense the source
>code of the Libabigail project to Apache 2.0 with LLVM Exception.
>The rationale and the process of this change was recently presented in
>a message sent to the mailing list of the project at
>This patch series needs to be reviewed and acknowledged by all the
>copyright holders who contributed to the project.  These contributors
>are all listed in the CC field of this message.
>After the review, to acknowledge the change, each contributor needs to
>reply to each one of the patches with a line containing this:
>     Signed-off-by: First Last <contributor@email.com>
>with First being her first name and Last being her last name.
>Of course, if a contributor reviewed and agrees with the content of
>all the patches, she can just reply to this cover letter with the
>Signed-off-by line above, saying that she is acknowledging the entire
>patch set.

Hi Dodji!

Please feel free to add:

    Signed-off-by: Jessica Yu <jeyu@kernel.org>

To all patches in this series.

Thank you!


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