[Bug default/19173] Abidiff doesn't detect symbol size change in library.

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--- Comment #14 from Mark Wielaard <mjw at redhat dot com> ---
Note that elfutils libdw comes with this helper function (which for array types
does know about the default lower bound of the language, DW_AT_lower_bound,
DW_AT_upper_bound or DW_AT_count and the DW_AT_byte_stride):

/* Compute the byte-size of a type DIE according to DWARF rules.
   For most types, this is just DW_AT_byte_size.
   For DW_TAG_array_type it can apply much more complex rules.  */
extern int dwarf_aggregate_size (Dwarf_Die *die, Dwarf_Word *size);

But that doesn't handle the ELF symbol type, just the Dwarf size.

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