[Bug default/19173] Abidiff doesn't detect symbol size change in library.

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Thu Jan 1 00:00:00 GMT 2015


--- Comment #12 from Maxim Ostapenko <m.ostapenko at partner dot samsung.com> ---
(In reply to Ben Woodard from comment #10)
> (In reply to Maxim Ostapenko from comment #9)
> So I would say that you uncovered 2 related bugs.
> 1) The fact that libabigail doesn't handle DW_AT_count
> 2) Logic that makes them equivalent in cases where it can be assumed that
> the lower bound is zero. This is needed to be able to correctly compare the
> ABI between ELF files generated by different compilers.

Yes, trivial fix works fine for array symbols.

However, abidiff doesn't detect the case, where we have a simple variable
symbol (e.g. like buggy_symbol from my first comment) that suddenly changed
it's size (LLVM + ASan does such thing) due to changed link options
(-fsanitize=address in my case), because debug info actually doesn't hold
information about symbol size.
All we have are it's type and the size of this type (both GCC and Clang).

Although GCC doesn't do such awful things, I think it would be nice to detect
such kind of bugs.

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